To produce leaders in the pharmacy field with positive attitude advanced knowledge and skills.
To develop and promote analytical thinking,problem-solving abilities,communication skills and professional ethics.

objectives : The main goal of the department is to train students, faculty and industry personnel to contribute their best to the healthcare profession. 

The department has been constituted to provide holistic development of students over and above their curriculum. Carrier oriented short-term training courses and specific programs on personality development will be organized for the students to enhance their knowledge and skills; and to develop positive attitude towards life.

Quality improvement programs are organized regularly for the faculty members to upgrade their expertise and capabilities to provide excellent coaching to the budding pharmacists.  The department is planning to conduct regular workshops, short-term courses , seminars etc. for the staff members and also encourage them to attend various programs conducted at national and international levels on recent developments and challenges in the pharmacy field.

The department is also aiming to further the Industry-academia relationship by conducting specific ‘capsule’ programs oriented to the requirements of pharmaceutical industry personnel. 

Dr. Kshama Devi
Roopa Pai