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It is an important and necessary part of a developed and competitive institution like Al Ameen College of Pharmacy which is recognised as a one of the most organised, well developed and running pharmacy institutions.

The objective of placement cell is to place the students of different branches in well, recognised industries/ institutions situated through out different places in India.

This part maintains a goal to develop the career of the students studying in this institution as well as to organize different kind of job opportunities in various organisations. Further to update the knowledge of the students.

Thus, Al-Ameen College of Pharmacy, through its Placement Cell ensures a secure, bright and prosperous future for them.


Placement Executives
Dr. Kshama Devi
Professor & HOD,
Department of Continuing Education and Quality Improvement Cell,
Al-Ameen College of Pharmacy,
Members :
Mr.Rakesh Panda
Ms.Audity Ganguly